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Employment and Job Market Info for U.S. Metro Areas

How to Use

Choose a Metro Area

To see job market info for a specific metro area, move your mouse pointer over ‘METRO AREAS’ in the menubar below the EmployMarket logo. Using the drop-down menu that appears you can browse through metro areas listed by name, by state, or see a list of all metro areas.

Metro Area Top Page

Clicking on a metro area name will take you its top page. The top half of this page shows the following for that chosen metro area:

  • • The official MSA name as determined the OMB
  • • The latest population estimate from the Census Bureau
  • • Nonfarm (NFP) payroll employment
  • • The most recent unemployment rate
  • • Average nonfarm payroll annual earnings
  • • Graphs showing the past six years of:
    • ◊ employment growth
    • ◊ earnings growth
    • ◊ unemployment rate
    • ◊ average annual earnings

Occupational Information

The bottom half of the metro area's top page shows a table of occupational group information for the chosen metro area.

As shown above, for each occupational group the table contains following data:

  • • Total Employment
  • • Jobs per 1000 (a measure of concentration)
  • • Location Quotient (a measure of relative concentration with the national average equal to 1)
  • • Median Annual Earnings

Clicking on one of the occupational groups in the above table will take you a page with a table showing occupations within that occupational group:

Clicking on one of the occupations in the above table will take you a with page detailed information on that occupation, as shown below:

The example above shows for the chosen occupation in the chosen metro area (network and system administrators in Boulder, Colorado in this case), and the national figures for comparison:

  • • Total employment
  • • Location Quotient (the national figure will always be 1.0)
  • • Median Annual Earnings

Occupational Hierarchy

Clicking on ‘OCCUPATIONS’ in the menubar below the EmployMarket logo will take you a page with an expandable list of occupations.